How far will we go out?


Depending on the type of fishing and the trip duration you choose to go with, you may be staying inshore or going out more than a 100 miles offshore. 

Some charter operators mention the distance you need to cover to get to good fishing spots in trip descriptions, you can access these descriptions by clicking on "show trip details"


If a captain specializes in inshore fishing with light tackle you will be staying very close to shore. Offshore trips require going out over 10 miles offshore in most locations, and full day trips of 10 or more hours will give you an opportunity to go out over 40 miles offshore to target big game fish. 

Again, offshore fishing does not require long journeys to fishing spots in all locations, at some locations you can start fishing within 20 minutes of departure. 

You should keep in mind that offshore trips provide best results with full day charters. In general, a full day charter is an 8h fishing trip. 

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