Can pickup be arranged?


Some captains will offer pickup as one of their services while other will not. The ones that will be able to pick you up at your place of stay will have this service listed under the "policies" section of their FishingBooker listing. 

Pickup may, or may not be included in the price, some captains will state that it's agreed upon after booking. This means that a captain is able to make pickup and drop-off arrangements with a possible additional charge, depending on your location, or that pickup is included in the price regardless of where you are staying. 

So pay attention to the policies section of a listing to find out if pickup is available and if it's included in the trip price. 


 - After the trip is confirmed you can contact the Captain directly and arrange the exact pickup time and place.


- Pickup is not included in the price of the trip.Screenshot__4_.png

- Upon confirmation of the trip, you can discuss pickup options with the Captain, however it may come at an additional cost depending on the distance.

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