How experienced is the captain?


Most of the captains FishingBooker works with do fishing charters for a living, it's their profession, not a part time job on the side. Most of our captains have many years of experience. 

When you narrow down your search to a few offers, you can check out a short bio of each captain. You can scroll down towards the bottom of the listing, or just start scrolling down a little bit and a black header will appear with additional options on the top of your screen. 

Just click on "Captain" and you will be automatically scrolled down to a short summary of that captain's profile. Clicking in the captains photo will give you a complete bio of that specific captain, how many year of experience they have, languages they speak and the types of fishing they do best. 

You will also be able to see if we successfully verified that specific captain for the present year as a licensed captain, all reviews and fishing reports written by that captain/charter operator.

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