Top 7 tips for increasing bookings with FishingBooker


Do you have gaps in your calendar that you would like to fill? Implement these tried and tested techniques and increase your number of bookings by over 50%.

1. Upload all your best photos


A picture says a thousand words. 80% of the bookings on FishingBooker go to captains who have more than 18 photos on their listing. Make sure you upload at least 15 photos that are landscape-oriented (full length) and include:

  • A full-length photo of your boat
  • Plenty of photos of your smiling customers with their catch of the day
  • Any gear or equipment you are particularly proud of and want to show your customers. 

2. Invite your customers to review your service

The first thing that customers look for when deciding to book a fishing trip online is proof that other people have used the service and that it has delivered what it promises. 

You can drastically improve your number of booking requests by inviting your customers to review your service. They don't have to have booked with FishingBooker to leave reviews for you: just log into your account and click request reviews. Then we will contact the customer and they can leave their feedback. 

3. Make a detailed FishingBooker listing

To get reservation requests from anglers who are a good fit for your charter service, make sure your listing details and amenities accurately illustrate what you offer. You can write comments in each section of the listing page, so use this opportunity to tell your customers what it is that makes your service stand out. 

Pay attention to the details: make sure the boat capacity is correct so you only get requests for the number of people you can take on a trip.

4. Set competitive prices and give your customers plenty of choice

You can set prices per group, per person, or have a base price that increases with each additional angler. You also have the choice of advertising day trips, lodging or multiday liveaboard packages. How much you charge for your service is completely up to you, as long as it's not higher than when customers book directly through you.

Your cheapest trip is the one that shows up in search results, so bear this in mind when creating your packages. The more options you give your customers, the more likely it is that will find what they want with you.

Finally, always include a description of each trip so customers will know what they will catch, where they will fish, and what they should bring with them.

5. Keep your calendar updated so you don't have to decline bookings

There is nothing customers dislike more than having their booking requests declined. 94% of customers who are declined by a captain will not consider fishing with them again, but will look for a different guide.

It's easy to avoid this. When you're logged in to your FishingBooker account, simply to go manage listing and then click on the calendar part. Here, you can mark full or half days as unavailable, and you can also leave comments to help you keep on top of your schedule. 

6. Activate Instant Book                                              

Keeping your calendar updated? Why not activate Instant Book? This exciting new feature lets customers make a booking and know immediately that it will be accepted.

This is very attractive for customers. They know that they will be able to take the trip they want. Not only that, having the Instant Book option makes you rank higher on FishingBooker's search pages, meaning you will be one of the first charters people see in your area.

Simply set the number of days in advance you would like bookings to be automatically accepted and get ready for them to come rolling in! 

 7. Introduce yourself in your captain's profile

Finally, don't forget to tell your customers about yourself in your captain's profile page and include a photo of yourself. Mention how long you have been fishing in the area, when you got your captain's license, and what your favorite fishing techniques are. This way, you can 'greet' your customers before even speaking to them, and leave that lasting good impression that will help you get bookings going your way.


Put these tried and tested methods into practice and see your listing rank higher and attract more bookings. Don't forget to give us a call or leave a comment if you have any questions!





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