What happens if a guest doesn't show up?


If your guest is late in arriving, there is a strong chance he or she might call, email, or arrive soon. Many guests do not have access to a phone or have an alternate phone number while traveling, or they may encounter travel delays that could affect their arrival time.

As long as you've "Accepted" the reservation and it hasn't been cancelled by you or the guest, the reservation is considered active. In the end, should your guest decide to cancel or not show up, we will uphold your cancellation policy. If eligible, your deposit payout will be released normally, up to 5 business days after the originally scheduled departure date.

We encourage captains to protect themselves from no-shows by collecting the remaining balance for the trip early: for single day trips, you may collect the balance up to 24 hours before the trip is scheduled to depart. If the customer has booked a multi-day trip, you can collect the balance sixty days before the start date.

FishingBooker collects the official departure time from your listing's details (or at 7 AM in your time zone if you have no departure time selected). If any changes are made, always confirm the departure process in the email thread including FishingBooker so you, your guest, and FishingBooker have a clear reference should an issue arise.

Here are a few ways to reach your guest:

  • Call your guest on their provided phone number
  • Email your guest through their personal email 

You can verify the payout details of your reservation in the reservation confirmation email from FishingBooker.

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