How do I pay the remaining balance?


The remaining balance is paid directly to the Captain, most often on the day of your fishing trip.

The captains are free to set their preferred payment methods for the remaining balance themselves. There are several options for them to choose from: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Check, Bank Transfer.

You can pay the remaining balance in any of the methods that have been selected by the specific Captain whose charter you've booked.

You can see a list of viable payment methods under the Payment category of each Captain's profile.


Cash is accepted as a payment method by virtually all of our captains.

Payments via credit card are frequently accepted.

As some charter operators do not have terminals on board, the balance may need to be settled prior to your departure. Depending on the Captain's credit card policy, small service fee associated with processing your payment may apply.

Bank Transfer payments should be done at least 3 working days prior to your fishing date so that the money can be transferred to the Captain's account on time.

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