Is there a listing fee?


Great News! Listing your boat on FishingBooker is completely, 100% FREE!

FishingBooker only charges a small commission on any successful booking that we refer to the boat's Captain. Other than that, listing your boat(s) on our website, exposure to thousands of anglers visiting our website every day, as well as all the promotional campaigns we run for your vessels are entirely free of charge.

You are free to set the commission amount yourself. The commission you choose can be as low as 10% or high as 30%. Our commission also acts as the deposit that the customer has to pay in order to secure a trip with you. The remaining balance for the trip is paid to you directly, in your preferable means of payment, on the day of the trip. Therefore, we ask that you don't collect any additional deposits from our customers prior to their trip date.

As mentioned, our commission also acts as your security deposit: in case of the customer cancelling a trip and violating your cancellation policy, we will forward our commission for that trip to you directly. We only charge the commission for any successful booking that we moderate. It is also worth mentioning that we have had less than 1% of canceled bookings since we started, and intend to keep that number as low as possible.



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