Can I join a group and split the trip price?


At the moment, most of the charter operators that we work with offer private fishing charters on FishingBooker. We've started acquiring charter operators with split charter and shared charter offers, and a few party boats. Still, the majority of offers are for private trips. Only a few locations have shared fishing charter offers at this time. 

As far as anglers coming to us inquiring about shared trip opportunities, we always recommend making friends with a few like-minded anglers on your vacation, and splitting the charter cost among yourselves. This strategy has worked for many of our previous customers, and is preferred to simply joining a trip, as it gives you an opportunity to pre-screen the people you will be fishing with for the next 4-to-8 hours, and inform them about your exact fishing preferences in advance.

Make sure to choose a fishing charter with a short notice free cancellation policy as a fail safe and you're good to go! 

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