Are children allowed on trips?


Fishing is a fantastic experience for children and a perfect bonding opportunity for the whole family. Furthermore, most captains are more than used to running family fishing trips and educating young anglers along the way, making sure their fishing experience is fun, as well as safe.

Look for the Child-Friendly option under "Policies" on a charter listing to make sure your selected charter is suitable for kids.

Some charters have minimum age restrictions:

If your children are not accustomed to spending time at sea, we would advise trying inshore fishing first. Also, 'active' fishing techniques tend to be much more appealing to most kids, so try opting for light tackle and bottom fishing rather than, for example, trolling, which requires more effort and patience than most children are used to.

Taking kids on a charter boat is the best way to get them hooked on fishing. Combine that with the excitement of being the one reeling in the biggest fish of the day, and you can be sure a new angler is born.

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