How do I rank higher in search results?


There are several factors which will affect the ranking of your vessel on our website. The most important factors are:


1. Commission/Deposit amount

The commission you've decided to set is a very important ranking factor. It influences your ranking score significantly and is a quick and easy way to get to the top of the page. You can set your commission rate between 10% and 30% - a higher commission brings a significantly higher ranking for your charter.

You can always increase your commission and rank higher as a result. This is a the safest way of securing better visibility and getting more business. Having a commission that is just a bit higher than your competitions' will for sure launch you to the top of the list or close to it.


2. Average review score

Another very important ranking factor is your charters' review score.

We ask our customers to rate your services after each successful fishing trip with you, on a scale of 1-5. Fishing charters with a higher score rank higher in search results for a particular location or country. You should be aware that bad reviews bring negative score and decrease your ranking. Provide an amazing service, and you shouldn't have to worry about this. 

However, it would be highly unwise to neglect reviews since they make a much stronger case to the customers. If anglers know that they will get a premium service and a fantastic fishing trip, they will feel certain that they're getting their money's worth. And the only way they can know this is by reading reviews about you.


Other factors that influence your ranking

Number of photos

Customers love to see photos of the boat. To encourage you to pay special attention to this we are rewarding with extra ranking point profiles with more photos. You can add up to 18 photos, all of which should be high in quality. Our advice is to upload at least 2 photos of your boat from different angles, 4 photos of your customers while fishing, 8 photos of customers with live catch and 2 of the boats' interior.

Original and Unique Description

If you write a unique and original description of more than 800 characters, we will reward you with an additional ranking points. A unique content will rank much better in searches, making your profile more visible.

Visit our article on How to write a great description to learn more.

Calendar Update

Get more ranking points by keeping your calendar up to date. An up-to-date calendar will allow us to instantly book your open dates and will relieve you of rejecting bookings for dates that are already booked.


In conclusion: the charters with the best reviews, smart and bold commission policy and quality profiles are the ones that will always rank the highest on our website.



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