How to add Shared Trips


It's now easier than ever to add shared trips on FishingBooker. All you need to do is set the 'shared trip' function up on the 'trips' part of your listing and keep your calendar updated so we can make sure that people only book when you know you have the minimum number of people needed to confirm a trip. 

 Here's how it works:

  1. Add a new fishing trip just like you did before. Click the sliding bar under Shared trip so it reads as ‘on’.Enter the price per person and choose the minimum number of people needed for the trip to run.
  2. Go to the calendar part of your listing to fill in the dates that already have some people booked. Double click on the day you have some bookings, and fill in the number of spaces you have available. So, if you take a maximum of five people there is already one person in your diary, adjust the number of seats available as shown:


Now, only two people need to book the trip to reach the minimum of three people.


But if only one person tries to book, they won’t be able to. You will not have enough people confirmed to say for sure that you can run the trip.


When someone books through FishingBooker, the system will update the number of free spaces in your calendar. All you have to do is sit back and wait for your trips to fill up. Just don’t forget to keep your outside bookings filled in too!

Now that you have the chance to be more flexible than ever on FishingBooker, why not get started making some more trips?

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